Tuesday, December 1, 2009

“When you are a little kid, you are better bit of everything - artist, scientist, athlete, scholar. Growing up, it seems is like a process of giving those things up, one by one.

I guess we all have one thing we regret giving up. One thing we really miss. And we gave up because we were too lazy. We couldn't stick it out. Or because we were afraid”.

- Quote from the TV series ‘The Wonder Years’

I guess I started up with a lot of things myself. When I was younger I wanted to be a cartoonist. Everything around me could be translated into white and black lines and crooked noses and funny faces. Life, as I came to know later, added colors. In fact it added so many different hues that I lost track of the count and control of which shades to add and hold on to and which ones to lose from my palette.

It’s been over an year now since I sketched anything. Probably even more since I touched the brush to paint a plain sheet with anything visible or worthwhile. I now make enough money to buy myself a book of the finest sheets which I always wanted as a kid but could never afford. I can now even buy the best of colors and brushes, even those fancy carbon pencils which I would always ask for when I went to buy any stationery but never really bought. sapling1

Life changes and it changes you as well. The people around you are no longer those who you knew couple of years ago. I guess the trick is not to fight the pace of this change – just to forgive yourself time and again for losing that innocence and for having grown up.


Anonymous said...

well... growing up is good... and there sure are many things which become clearer with time... what say???

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