Sunday, January 6, 2019

“A man’s worth is no greater than his ambition” – Marcus Aurelius

2019Before I started keying this in, I read my annual review post for 2017 (Read HERE) and what I had envisioned for 2018 to be and I realized that while there was a lot to be grateful about in the year gone by, my ‘thumbs-down’ list hasn’t changed much. In retrospection, this implies that I was stagnant for a larger part of the year and one of the greatest reasons for that is my crazy work hours. I have been multitasking and losing a bit of myself in the process of making ends meet.

So, while 2018 has been largely stagnant on the professional front, I look forward to 2019 as the year to reset my focus. I hope I can put in some energy to find some motivation and a wee bit of ambition and act in time to get some results too. 2019 needs to be the year to find new zeal for some self development. Focus on self, health, skills and new avenues.

Thankfully, the annual report card still has more greens than reds.

  • Starting the year with close friends
  • Picking up the sketchpad after years
  • Working from home
  • More blog posts than the year before
  • Visiting the Oracle office at SFO and my first Oracle University training
  • Trip to San Francisco & the picture set (HERE)
  • Trip to Mumbai in April & the picture set (HERE)
  • Trip to Agra & the picture set (HERE)
  • Father’s day weekend with Myra and Riddhie at Chandigarh
  • Trip to NJ and Grounds for Sculpture and the picture set (HERE)
  • Shakaal in India in August, the trip to Jama Masjid after nearly a decade and the booze sessions that followed
  • Weekend trips to Chattarpur with close friends, September and October
  • The beard and the compliments that came with it
  • Trip to Chandigarh and Kasauli with Midhas and Vermas in October
  • Catching up with Devender Sir in Delhi
  • Diwali at home
  • Partying at Kendriya Vihar, Gurgaon
  • The New York trip
  • Meeting Dr. Anil, Girish and Dinesh and the Pfizer workshop
  • Dinner at Gurgaon with Sanjeet, Parul and Roopa
  • Christmas tree at home and Riddhie’s continued excitement about it
  • Meeting up with the Old Oracle gang
  • Pub-hopping with K and the espresso later
  • The New Year bash at Badkhal Resorts, Faridabad
  • The crazy traffic and the long road home after the New Year party at Badkhal
  • Extended working hours and job situation
  • Someone crashing into the car - again
  • Missing gym and gaining pounds
  • Credit card bills
  • Possession of the house still pending
  • Riddhie’s blog still not reinstated
  • Relocation not finalized yet
  • Messed up DSLR lens
  • Dental issues
  • Problems with back and the bout of fever, like never before

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