Friday, January 5, 2018

“Outer order contributes to inner calm” – Gretchen Rubin

2017It took me a few days to get around to this annual post where I sum up the year gone by. Reviewing the post that I made for 2016 (Read HERE) I realized while 2016 had worked out well as the year of change, 2017 didn’t quite go as well as the year of consolidation.

However, in the last 365 days, my theory of universe gained more strength and I feel empowered by this knowledge now. I am more at ease with myself and the life around me in general and could keep a few good habits going.

Looking at the annual report card, the following things come to mind,

Thumb Up Thumb Down
  • Starting the year with Riddhie’s B/W picture set
  • Changing the job – finally
  • Trip to Varanasi and the picture set (HERE)
  • Family trip to Hyderabad and the picture set (HERE)
  • Trips to Princeton and Somerset, New Jersey
  • Clearing more interviews
  • Keeping in touch with the Oracle gang
  • Get together at Oodles
  • Trip to Mumbai – Kayani bakery and Wine biscuits
  • The Gym routine continued
  • Getting the new car
  • The blog posts exceeded the numbers from previous 2 years
  • The New Year bash at Tivoli
  • Quitting Oracle
  • Extended working hours and job situation
  • Banging the new car, more than once
  • Not meeting friends enough
  • Messed up close relations
  • Putting the weight back on, some bit at least
  • Credit card bills
  • Getting possession of the house – still not realized
  • Not clicking Riddhie enough
  • Riddhie’s blog still not reinstated
  • Relocation not finalized
  • Messed up DSLR lens
  • Dental issues


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