Wednesday, December 6, 2017

“It isn’t fair,” she said and held herself back.

“What isn’t fair?” he asked.

“It isn’t fair that I keep craving for you all day while you remain oblivious to my plight and carry on about your day. I keep looking for nooks and corners and empty pockets of your schedule to squeeze myself into. It feels like I am stealing moments from my own life," she replied, almost choking on her words.

cuddle“But don’t you realize that whenever I slip into my silence hiding from the cacophony of daily life, the only refuge I seek is you," he paused briefly before continuing, "I wish I could find my way to that house on the hills that you always wanted, and spend the rest of what is left of this life waking up next to you every morning and tucking you into a blanket every night but…” He sighed and left his sentence unfinished.

She held his hand and looked up at him. “Someday, during a winter evening when it gets dark, I am going to cuddle my way into your lap, and melt into you with the orange light from the street pouring in from our window. We will be one single shadow and maybe then I won’t have to worry about finding corners in your life.”

He ran his fingers through her hair and smiled. “Do that, do just that.”


How do we know said...

when ppl melt, they are no longer there.

The Cloudcutter said...

The sweetest surprises are the private thoughts of your lover when revealed.
This tiny love story is laced with the freshness and innocence of early morning dew on new leaves.
I love these little narratives you present... they always bring a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

Finding people isn't easy and finding 'our' time is even more difficult... life is harsh... life is _ _ !!! Powered by Blogger.