Friday, November 23, 2018

Dark clouds never bog me down or make me gloomy. When you walk with me,
your smile is all the sunshine I need.

The morning breeze came riding on the gentle waves of early winter sapless sunshine, kissed my eyelids and embarked me on a journey of fresh dreams.

The mishmash of creases on the white bedsheet, that has been a witness to my tale of stoic silence, held me in its comforting arms and whispered its sweet nothings into my ears. The mild whirring of the ceiling fan was punctuated by a gentle humming of my fingers running on the silken back of the pillow. The pale golden ale of sunlight filtered in through the flimsy curtains and filled my head with the music of your laughter.

I woke up with a smile and threw the curtains open and embraced the light on my bare torso, sipping on it with every breath. As I walked out of the shower a few minutes later and poured my first cup of coffee, I looked around and noticed that it was the same room, same bed, same window and the same tree outside. Yet, there was something soothing about the whole view. The room was shining with a golden warmth pouring in through the window that gave wings to my flight of thoughts and I felt relieved and happy inside for no apparent reason.

There is something about this time of the year that makes me daydream just a little more. I am lyrical in my head and gentle on my abstractions. Apricity thaws my steel and grants me just the right fluidity. I move out to my astral plane with ease and find it harder to keep myself tied down. I travel back in time to the days when I had to make simpler decisions and loved without inhibition. Those were the days when I would spend the afternoons lying on the straw mats on my terrace, soaking myself in the sunshine, watching the clear blue skies flanked by eagles soaring high.

Sunshine CoffeeI will ride on these waves of elevated elations while the sun continues to lose steam and ushers in the harsh grey days ahead, breathing in nostalgia from days of yore for now.

Let’s hope we can claim one of these gentle afternoons and sit back lazily, cuddling up. I will hold your fingers over a hot cup of coffee while your sunshine smile keeps us warm.

Welcome Winter !!

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