Thursday, February 28, 2019

She said her goodbyes to the group and rose from her seat. The evening chill was beginning to set in and she scurried past the tables and glided down the flight of stairs. He came rushing after her on the pretext of walking her back to the parking lot, carrying a faint hope of stealing another moment with her.

She saw him coming after her and slowed down, allowing him to reach out to open the door for her. She smiled at his gesture and together they walked to her car which, much to his dismay was not very far from the door.

He lingered on, adjusting his coat and hoping for her to settle down as she got to the wheel. He circled over to her window and waved through the glass. She appeared a little flushed at his boyish excitement and rolled down her window.

He came closer and awkwardly blurted, “I miss you”.

She couldn’t hold back a smirk, let her hand flow down to his face, patted his cheek and replied, “Sure, I miss myself too” before driving away, blowing a cloud of dust on his suit.

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