Thursday, November 6, 2008

Its a nice Nescafe morning (the kind that they show in the Nescafe Coffee commercials), with nice cold breeze, golden sun and yes, I have a cup of coffee by my side as I start posting this.firstpost

The idea of this blog, I guess shall come across through this first post itself. As, the name suggests or rather warns the readers, this blog is a journal of my random thoughts.

Very often I am clouded by stochastic cerebrations that keep knocking on the doors of my mind and which more often get lost in the prosaic monotony of everyday life. I guess, this blog is just an attempt to open the door to all such random abstractions and give them a space to exist by putting them in text here.

I don't know if it makes much sense but I guess I shall still do it for a while to see if I can actually see some head or tail coming out of my abstract thoughts and if they can eventually be cast into some format, some article, essay or a story that can entice and persuade some one to read through it all.

So, those who wish to follow this blog and want to keep reading on, do check back from time to time or subscribe to this and get all the news on the updates, a I really intend to write a lot in the next few days.

Enjoy !!

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